I am a swedish carpenter who started my first carpenterjob back in 1988 at the Johnson Construction Company and i get a lot of questions about playhouses for kids. I only build  robust and a good quality playhouses so even if you live in the area where there could be a lot of snow or stormy weather they will be standing there for your children AND your grandchildren, easily. The blueprints and drawings i have on this page is in the metricsystem, there are pages where you can translate them  or you can wait and there will be translated into the US measurment system soon on this homepage.

There are many people who are looking for information on playhouses for the children on the internet and there are useful tips here and there, and the idea of the playhouse-for-kids.com is to have good information in one place. Hope you benefit from the information you will find here, it will be updated with pictures and more detailed tips. So it is advised to come back here every now and then.
Good luck with the project!