Doors, windows and decorating

Doors, Windows and interior design.  
Interior design for playhouses are easy because you can use practicly any furniture you want. What you can think of when you´ll choose the furniture if it´s ok to leave them in the playhouse over the winter.Window then, there are many cheap alternatives to purchasing these smaller Windows or plastic window.
For example, you can find good o cheap on some construction recycling shop or cheap new at any online store.The doors can be a harder nut to crack if you want to buy a door in those measurments, after all, it is not so difficult to build a good and nice door that suits a small house.  A little tip is to do a 2-in-1 door much like a stabledoor. 
With a lock from the inside just open the top, and from the outside only lock the bottom. In this way a child could not be locked in the playhouse.