Build or buy a Playhouse.
Welcome to the playhouse for kids.com site, it will be filled with blueprints, drawings, tips and ideas of what you should consider when you are building a Playhouse for the children.
There are lot´s of different ideas and sources of inspiration when you look around at playhouse red and whitevarious playhouses, classic red playhouse with white trim, traditional yellow with timber ornamentation, storybook playhouses, hexagonal playhouses, with or without porch, with or without balcony, a Playhouse with slide.  
You can build or buy a little larger playhouse to cover the future needs.
You don`t need to have much experience building , just read a little bit and follow the tips and instructions so i promise you can do it.  
Planning is crucial, the better you have planned the building the  more fun it will be to build, it can be as much fun to plan and build the Playhouse it is for children to play in it.
How much does the playhouse cost? Which model should I choose?  How big should it be? Yes there are a few aspects to look at before you build or buy your playhouse.  
The more you pay, the less work it is, you can have a pile of wood, boards, nails, etc and start the building from scratch or you can get delivered complete wall elements that you put together and it comes with description with these also.
Or the easiest and the most expensive is to order a complete playhouse with transport home. Looking at the big picture, it’s fun to build it yourself and that the children also may be involved in the construction, it’s always fun when it happens some stuff on the yard.
I wish you luck and i hope you find useful material in this site.