Tips and Ideas

What should you keep in mind when building a Playhouse?  
As in everything else, it is  important to have good stable ground to put the playhouse on, do you have clay soils on sloping ground
Or do you have sand, soil? Is it flat or downhill?  If it has a stable base that doesn’t move it can often be enough to lay out the stone or concrete directly on the ground.  
You can add a little higher ceilings in the playground, children are small and they sometimes like to have company to play with mom or dad, and it will be hard for the ‘ old ‘ backs when it’s very
low ceilings.   Give some thought to when the kids grown up and don’t need just a playhouse anymore but maybe a summer residence.  Or when they do not have any interest in the Playhouse at all so maybe it can serve as a winter/summer storage.

Maybe it’s better with a larger cabin to cover future needs as a “standard” Playhouse is small and easily becomes idle when the children have grown up.